History - About Us

Who We Are & Why We Started

 Aleeya Zailan 


  • May 18th
  • Entrepreneur

Hometown : Melaka

Children     : Eva, Aaron, Alicia

Education  : Double Major BA Business and Politivs at University of Auckland,    New Zealand


Azri Aziz


  • Oct 23rd
  • CEO at Global Amity Sdn Bhd

Hometown : Negeri Sembilan

Children     : Eva, Aaron, Alicia

Education  : Double Major BA Accounting and Finance at London Soutbank University


Avenys started in 2015 and officially started selling in 2016. The brand Avenys comes from a name twist of Aleeya’s eldest daughter “Eva - Ave”. We started this business to offer an affordable, high quality product to the local market, something that was lacking at the time and until now. 

The local skincare industry is filled with “Hit & Run” startups attempting to penetrate this ultra competitive industry. We decided not to adopt such a strategy but planned to go slow and steady for the long term by introducing great products that people want. 

We have sourced and manufactured our products from local reputable suppliers all the way to Korea and Japan. Always scouring for the best new ingredients and technology.