Dull, Dry & Uneven Skin Tone

Dull, Dry & Uneven Skin Tone

If this sounds like you and looks like you? It probably is you! Our skin doesn’t stay the same all your life. Over time it changes so we should adapt quickly to combat the issues.  

Dull and dry skin is due to dead skin cell buildup on the surface of your skin. The longer you leave it that way, the duller your skin becomes. This is the basic science of it. 


What causes it?

  • Not enough sleep
  • Leaving makeup on when your sleep (we know you’ve done it…) 
  • Not cleansing properly
  • Not exfoliating
  • Not drinking enough water (not coke yea…) 
  • Not enough exercise


      How can we help?

      • Active Ingredients - Look for the right products 
      • Cleanse properly. Use the make up remover wipes and then cleanse your face. 
      • Moisturize lah…. 
      • Exfoliate (don’t go crazy or you’ll end up damaging your skin)
      • Exercise to get your blood circulating (get your face red and sweat) 
      • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day 
      • It's called Beauty Sleep for a reason

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